This is very important question, you grow your email list, you pay your email service provider and at the end of the day, your subscriber won’t open your email. How bad would you feel about that? I can understand that and today we will discuss 6 amazing and simple ways to boost your email click-through rate by 100%.

Email Marketing is so easy and rewarding if you do it properly like:

You do things properly by following strategies we will discuss below, as a result you will boost your email click-through rate by 100%. You can read more about the best strategies to do email marketing from here.

boost your email click-through rate

So there are multiple things you should keep in mind while doing email marketing.

1. Sending Bulk Emails directly in the inbox.

This is the first thing you should ask yourself, does your email land in the inbox of your recipient? and If your email is going into SPAM or PROMOTION folder then you are wasting your time in email marketing.

2. Ask for the Opt-In

Now this is very important, you must ask your email person to allow you to send email and if a person does not want you to send email then he won’t open your email at all.

So that’s why I am against buying an email list.

3. Subject Line

Most of the recipients mark email as SPAM before opening it, because of the SPAMMY subject. So you should optimize your subject for higher CTR. So we will discuss some steps you can make to improve your subject line.

  • Keep your subject line short and simple.
  • Increase curiosity in the subject, so your recipient want to open it to learn more.
  • Ask Question, so your recipient will click to get the answer.
  • Use Emojis, so that you can stand out in the inbox.

4. Email Quality

Your reputation is above all. If you SPAM your email list, they will stop opening your emails eventually. So you should provide real and valuable content to your email list.

5. Improve Email Formatting

Make sure your email format is correct and easy to read for your email list. You can optimize these things to improve your email formatting.

  • Your email must be mobile friendly as most of people open their mails through mobile phones.
  • Try not to use so many images in your email. Reason: Images are blocked by default in some of the email providers.
  • Make sure your email width is right for all kind of devices. Not too wide, not too short.

6. Timing

Timing is very important, if you send your email at the wrong time, you are going to decrease your CTR. Make sure to know the best timing for every person in the email list. You can use the optimal delivery for bulk emails feature of some email service provider, which will send your email to every person at their best and optimal time.


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