Email Marketing is no doubt a KING of Digital Marketing. It has been the prominent and best way to promote your business over the internet.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the nodes of digital marketing in which you promote your products or services using emails by developing good relationship with customers. If you are sending your business using emails, then you are doing Email Marketing.

Should you be doing Email Marketing?

In my opinion, every business must be promoting their business through Email Marketing, because it is the most effective strategy in digital marketing. But when it comes to marketing strategies, we must talk about some qualities every email marketer must have. Below are the three qualities you must have if you want to do email marketing:

  1. Patience
  2. Determination
  3. Hard Work

Building an Email List?

If you are reading this paragraph, then I am assuming that you are the one having the three above-mentioned qualities. Now what?

The first thing you need to start Email Marketing is obviously; EMAILS.

So from where you will get them?

It is where you need those three qualities, because it takes much time to build a good email list with potential customers to boost your business. But I know there are a lot of people who want some quick tricks to build a good email list for free. So let’s talk about that.

How to build Email List for free?

In my 6 years experience of email marketing, I couldn’t find a better way to build email list for free than this, because this is free, quick and the most reliable.

I will try to explain all the process step by step.

So let’s get started.

STEP 1: Install an extension “Shanes tools” in your Chrome Browser

You can download the “Shanes tools” from the link below

STEP 2: Search a query on Google like the example below

Okay here the game starts!

Open Google and search a query like this

“Your Product/Business” “Location” “Email Provider”

For Example:

“Dry fruits” “canada” “@gmail.com”

My niche is about Dry Fruits, so I want to target people who have interests in dry fruits.

Second, I want to target people living in Canada. You write yours.

Third, I want to target people using gmail. You can write hotmail, yahoo or any other.

STEP 3: Increase your Results Per Page to 100

You can increase your results per page from settings under Search Bar of Google.

Settings > Search Settings > Results Per Page > Increase to 100 > click Save

STEP 4: Click on the Extension “Shanes Tools” and Scrape Emails from Dropdown

Now this is where you will get lots of Emails from Google Search and all of them are somehow related to your niche. Copy all emails and save somewhere.

You will need some Email Validation Tools to validate and verify your email list before starting Email Marketing.

How to Send Emails?

Sending email is as simple as sending your normal email. Make sure not to SPAM by sending many emails at a time. You may be get blocked if you SPAM a lot. Trick to send Emails is you have to change the content a little bit every time you send email to your Email List.

Now Enjoy and start building your email list for free.

Watch the Video if you have are having any confusion.


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