Strategies that work in 2020 to promote affiliate links do work in 2021 too. You just have to learn the basics of affiliate marketing to start making money.

There are multiple ways to promote affiliate links. I will split them in two categories:

  1. With your Website/Blog
  2. Without a website or Blog

First we will talk about the strategies to promote our affiliate products without a website.

Promote Affiliate Links without a website

We will discuss three ways to promote affiliate links without a website.

1. Through Email Marketing

This is the best method to promote your affiliate links. According to Mailchimp, the average email open rate for all industries is 21.33% as of October 2020. So looking at this statistic, we can say that how successful it can be, if you start promoting your products through email marketing.

Email Marketing is easy, if you do it the right way.

These are the ways you can start email marketing:

  • You start building your email list, there are multiple ways you can grow your email list:
    • Using Google
    • You can use Social Media to grow Email List ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Using Your Webpage
  • After Building a targeted email list, you can start sending them emails.
    • First, You will have to make a good email/newsletter
    • You can use Amazon SES( Simple Email Service) to send bulk Emails for free OR
    • You can use other tools like mailchimp, pabbly, sendinblue etc, but they will charge you some amount for using their service, so if you can afford, then you can use their service.

2. Through Reddit

Reddit is basically a large group of forums in which registered users can talk about almost anything you can imagine, from news, to pop culture, to technology, to comics, to film, to literature, to the weirdest things in the world.

So how can you use Reddit to promote your affiliate links?

Disclaimer: I don’t want to SPAM Reddit and I don’t want you to SPAM Reddit.

I want you to provide real value to your reader, like you have a product about email marketing, join some communities about email marketing and start discussion about the niche. Talk with people, try to engage them in a real way. I don’t want you to just pretend like you are using the audience there to earn some commission, if you do that you will get banned from the platform. So try to provide value to the audience. And if you do that, the moderators of communities will allow you to use links in your articles – DON’T PUT YOUR LINKS IN EVEVRY POST YOU DO –

3. Through Quora

Quora has more than 500 Million active users per Month, so you can use this platform to promote your affiliate products.

Disclaimer: I don’t want to SPAM this wonderful platform and I don’t want you to SPAM as well.

So How can you promote your products on Quora without SPAMMING?

Quora has strict rules regarding affiliate links, you can’t just promote your affiliate links on Quora.

What I recommend is, you have to provide real value in your answers. Let’s say you have an affilaite product about email marketing and you want to promote it. On quora, people ask questions about every topic.

  • You can search for questions about email marketing
  • Now, try to educate readers through your answers, providing real value is the main thing on Quora.
  • Create a short link to your affiliate product and if the question is related to your product and your product is helpful for your audience, then while giving valuable answer, you can include your link as well. BUT DON’T DO IT OFTEN, otherwise you will get banned from Quora.

So if you provide real value to your readers, the moderators on quora will allow you to place your links in your answers.

Promote Affiliate Links with your website

There are three ways to promote affiliate links through your website.

Through Blog Posts

This is one of the best ways to promote your affiliate products. Let’s say you have an affiliate product about email marketing, so you will write a blog post about the product like a review, or setup etc and promote your affiliate link at the end.

Use Advertisement Space

You can place ads(Banner, content etc) on your website about your affiliate products. You can use a plugin called “Advanced ads” to place ads on your website for free.

Recommend Tools Section

You can make a section/page on your website recommending tools and services to your readers, and put your affiliate products in that section.

Make sure to ask any question about promoting your affiliate products if you have any.


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