Instagram is a picture sharing social media application basically designed for Mobile Phones. Now a days Instagram is an important part of people’s daily social life. Everyone wants to upload Photos and Videos from their daily life to Instagram. And now there is a spike in Instagram Users after celebrities has started using Instagram to keep their fans up to date.

Many users use Instagram on their PCs and Laptops, since Instagram is a mobile based application, so in the web version of Instagram, many features are missing. The main problem in web version of Instagram is that you cannot upload or delete your photos and videos. So users on Instagram web version must use their phones for this purpose.

But there is a way by which you can delete or post your photos and videos using your PC. Below we are gonna show you the process of deleting your post from Instagram using PC step by step.

STEP 1: Open your Instagram profile using web version (Instagram.com/yourprofile)

STEP 2: Right Click anywhere on the blank page

STEP 3: Click on “Inspect”

STEP 4: Now Click on “Toggle Device Toolbar” Icon Highlighted below

Click on this highlighted icon

STEP 5: Select any device from dropdown as shown below

Select any device from this dropdown

STEP 5: Refresh the page after selecting device

STEP 6: Now select the photo you want to delete

STEP 7: Now Click on 3 dots and delete the photo

After deletion, you can just go back to your original web version of Instagram by closing the extra chrome window.

Watch Video to Understand

Delete Instagram Post from your Computer

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