There are multiple things to get more views on your youtube channel, we will discuss step by step. These are the best strategies to drastically improve the organic reach of your youtube videos.

How to get more views on youtube channel

Uploading Consistency to get more views

This is one of the biggest secrets to get more views on YouTube.

YouTube algorithm loves those channels which upload videos consistently.

Keep these things in mind if you want to know how to get more views on Youtube.

  1. Never Compromise on the quality of the video.
  2. Provide real value to your audience, if you don’t have any subscriber, don’t worry, you will get thousands of them if you upload videos with real value.
  3. Try to upload videos of more than 5 minutes, however don’t compromise the quality.
  4. When you upload long videos, your watch time will increase and most importantly youtube algorithm will show your video in search and suggestions.

Click-Through Rate is very important to get more views on youtube

In this section, You can learn that this is another most important thing to improve your organic reach. Let’s understand how youtube algorithm works:

  1. You upload a video, youtube will show your video to some people, say 10 to 20 people and youtube will analyze their response to your video.
  2. Most people click on your video and watch till the end. After that, youtube will start showing your video to some more people, and start analyzing their response.
  3. So if your Click-Through Rate is good, then your organic reach will automatically be increased, because YouTube loves to show videos that let people stay on YouTube.
How to improve click through rate

How can you improve your Click-Through Rate?


The most important thing to improve your CTR, make sure your thumbnail is so much attractive and it must increase curiosity of people on youtube. Because if people are not curious about your topic, in conclusion, they are not gonna click.

I use Canva Pro to design my youtube Thumbnails, it has thousands of professional youtube thumbnail templates.

You can read more about Canva from this complete article. What is Canva? Why is it so necessary for me as a Digital Marketer? (5 Reasons)


Understand how YouTube Search Engine Works, Try to add catchy and searchable title for your videos.

You can use TubeBuddy to analyze keywords.


Understand Keywords, I know it’s hard and time taking but if you do it properly. As a result you will make your channel the most viral thing on the internet.

Keyword research

Use Google keyword planner to search for best keywords with high search volume and low competition.

You can read more about increasing your CTR from here. 6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Click-Through Rate

Improve Watch Time

I can’t stress enough on this that how important this is to grow your organic reach.

For instance, If people watch your videos till the end, youtube algorithm has no reason to not show your video to more people.

how to improve watch time

How to Improve Watch Time of your Videos?

These are some of the best strategies to improve your watch time.

  1. Never Compromise on the quality of your video, provide real value to your audience.
  2. Make Long Videos keeping the first point in mind. When you upload long videos, your watch time will increase. As a result, youtube algorithm will show your video in search and suggestions.
  3. Run Giveaways and contest:
    1. Announce results and entry rules in the end of your video, it will drastically improve your watch time.
  4. Be on the camera
    1. People love to see you on the screen, it’s my personal experience that if you are on the camera, people will watch your video till the end.
    2. Don’t just record your screen and upload, give introduction of the video by showing yourself on the camera.


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