Purchasing an email list is a very bad idea in the field of email marketing. Here are some reasons for my claim.

  • When you send email to a purchased email list, you will be violating a consent rule by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • The best email service providers don’t allow to send emails to the list you have purchased.
  • In any case, you won’t get a good and active email list to buy, because email list is the new cash and nobody sells it.
  • People in that list don’t know you and most importantly they don’t trust you, so you will not get any result.
  • Your IP reputation will be spoiled hence it will harm your email deliverability.
  • Or the worse, your IP might get blacklisted by your email service provider.

So, after all these reasons not to buy an email list, what can you do?

You will have to build your own email list by creating a landing page as I said it in my YouTube video of creating a landing page.

Building your own email list is not that difficult and is much more rewarding than purchasing an email list.


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