Android has dominated the smartphone market with market share of over 85% in Mobile Operating System domain. The Android operating system is expected to maintain an 85% market share until 2021. 2. Almost a third of smartphone users use the Android MARSHMALLOW operating system In May 2017, almost a third of smartphone users were using Marshmallow, the Android 6.0 operating system. Although version 7.0, Nougat, was released in August 2016, it represented only 6.6% of users (with an additional 0.5% with Nougat 7.1), while Lollipop 5.1 and 5.0 represented 23.3% and 8, 7% of the users had, respectively.

Similarly, when we talk about Google Play Store, the Application market of Android smartphones, is also market dominant in its niche, with more than 2,993,060 apps and games. So its not possible to download and check all the applications in your smartphone, so we are going to give you a list of some great applications you must install in your Android phone.

These android applications are the best and must have apps for you phone. They will help you enhance your phone’s productivity and performance.

We will discuss three best applications here step by step.

1. Beta Maniac

Beta Maniac is my favorite application in this list. I am kinda beta lover person and I love to use beta versions of all applications. So this android application helps me to get early access to some great features of all my applications. So if you love too to have early access to some great android applications, then this app is must have for you.

You can download this application from the below link.


2. Memorigi

Well this application is my day partner, I can’t perform all my operations (Blogging, YouTube, my Business) without this app. This android app is kinda to do list application and it helps me organize my day greatly. If you want to be organized, enhance your productivity and perform great tasks in your day, then this android application is must have for your smartphone.


3. Adobe Scan

If you are a student, worker at office, boss or you do any kind of paper work, then you must have heard about Camscanner, the great app for scanning your documents using your mobile phone’s camera, and the filters and editing tools in camscanner make your documents looks great. But there are some problems with camscanner: First it is a heavy application and difficult to use in phones with low processor or space, so we are here with an alternative of camscanner with great functionalities:

Adobe Scan is light weighted application and can perform almost similar functionalities as camscanner. Filters and editing tools in adobe scan will help you scan your documents with best expertise.


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