Android is one of the greatest mobile operating systems now a days with more than 1.6 Billion Users in 2019, owned by Google. Android has share of 74.13% of the Mobile OS worldwide. Android has released its latest version Android 10 in 3 September, 2019. So for this great market of more than 1.6 Billion Users, developers of applications and games try to compete one another.

Google Play Store is the official app store of Android OS and officially there are 2,981,831 free and paid apps in Google play store for android devices. So for android users, it is not possible to download each and every application to their devices to check the performance of these apps. So in this article, we will be looking at the top 3 android apps of all time.

These android applications are the best and must have apps for you phone. They will enhance your phone’s productivity, performance and lifetime.

Below are the three android apps in detail

1. Cometin

This Android application is my favorite as there are so many tweaks and tricks in this single application. It will help you enhance your phone’s productivity and functionality. There are 13 Modules in this application, we will list down all modules below:

  • Ambient Display
  • Better Rotation (360 Degree Rotation of every app)
  • App Locker
  • Caffeine ( it will keep your screen awake for certain time)
  • Cometin Sync ( Synchronization between phone and desktop)
  • Darker Brightness ( Darker than dark mode in your phone)
  • Flip to shhh (Flip your phone to silent notification)
  • Heads Up (It will hide notifications)
  • Immersive ( It can be used to hide navigation bar or status bar)
  • Parallel ( Separate work profile from personal)
  • Remap assistant
  • Shake actions (Shake device to perform certain operations)

So if you want to perform all the above listed operations separately then you must install 13 applications, but now you can directly perform all the operations in this single application. You can download this application from the below link.


2. SplitCloud

The sole functionality of this android application is to listen to two music at the same time. It is the best if you have earphones on and a friend wants to listen to some other music. All you need is just play a song with Split Cloud and give one earphone to your friend. SplitCloud will play one song in one earphone and the other in another earphone. And the best thing is that this application is absolutely free to use. You can just download it from Play Store and Use. Click the link below to download directly.


3. Showcaller

We all get calls from Unknown numbers and we don’t want to pick the call. So that’s for this app is. This wonderful application will help you identify unknown numbers whenever you receive a call. It is must have app for you if you want to know who is calling you. Showcaller will identify all spam callers and block them for you. You can download the application from the below link or just from Play Store.


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