Successful Email Marketing needs a good and targeted email list, this question is pretty simple and I have a simple answer to this and I am going to share my best strategies to do email marketing.

Why Email Marketing?

I like Email Marketing because of these reasons:

  • You can get a good amount of targeted people in your list for future campaigns for free, unlike the SMM, SEM or PPC, there you will have to pay every time you do a campaign.
  • Very high opening rate, a lot of people check their mail many times a day.
  • People use mail for professional use, means you can promote your business over the email more effectively than other mediums.
best strategies to do email marketing

There are two main things you need to know while learning about the best strategies to do email marketing.

  1. Building a Targeted Email List
  2. Sending Bulk Emails to your List

Building a List

So this is the first thing you need to do, if you want to start an email marketing. Building a good and targeted list is so important.

A targeted email means an email of a person who has interest in your product or niche.

So this is the BIG question that how can you build a targeted email list. I am not going answer that in detail here. You can read this article on building a targeted email list.

Sending Bulk Emails to Your List

Now you have a good and targeted Email list and you want to send emails to your list. So how can you do that?

There are some points you should keep in mind while sending emails.

  • You email must land in the inbox. If your email is going into a SPAM or PROMOTION folder then you are wasting your time and effort.
  • Do not spam your email list by not providing real value. If someone has subscribed to your newsletter, that’s because he want real value, valuable content. So try to provide valuable content to your email list.

These are the software you can use to send bulk emails listing based on their priority.

  1. Sendinblue – Free Up to 300 Emails per day
  2. GetResponse – First 30 Days free
  3. Sender – upto 15000 Emails/Month Free

You can use any of them to send your emails directly in the inbox of your recipient which you cannot do in gmail.


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